SUZIE VLčEK *pronounced “vl-chek”
-nickname from a diminutive of Vlk, i.e. ‘little wolf’.
-nickname for a quick person, from the same word, vlcek, denoting a spinning top.
-ref: The idiom ‘tocit se jako vlcek’: ‘to turn like a flywheel’

Suzie Vlček wants to tell you a story, and she only needs a few minutes to do it.

Writing and directing music videos for over a decade, her work has been described as evocative, complex, bittersweet, heartbreaking, and honest. Suzie creates deep and authentic narratives that leave a mark. She helped elevate indie darlings Silversun Pickups to new heights when she directed the much buzzed about “Lazy Eye” video. Rolling Stone magazine selected it for their HOT LIST, citing her nuanced glimpse into young teenage ennui. Several stories later, her work continues to receive high praise from outlets like OUT Magazine, commending her take on a girl-girl crush as “refreshing” and even comparing her work to one of her favorite films, “Desperately Seeking Susan”.

Suzie lives in Los Angeles, where she’s developing projects with her signature authenticity, whilst aligning with like-minded humans that push the plot forward!